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My week started on Wednesday 11th June @ 18:00 hrs and concluded at 18:00 hrs on Wednesday 18th June @ 18:00hrs

BBC1 - the flagship BBC Channel

BBC1 Wednesday11th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

Well this was great. Many programmes were offering the link to help make viewing and future planning as easy as possible. It started off well at 18:00hrs with the early evening news linked. This trend continued onto MOTD where the link was offered for the highlights later on in the evening. The 22:00hrs news was linked as was a series called Imagine until 23:20hrs. Links then took a rest for the night until then waking up for the day ahead.

All daily morning programmes were linked as were all afternoon programmes. (Kilroy, City Hospital, Trading Up, To Buy or Not To Buy, Bargain Hunt, Call My Bluff, News, Neighbours, Doctors, Murder She Wrote, Viva SClub, Short Cuts and Newsround0

Series Link - Cheap as Chips...

Over all this was an excellent service from the Beeb and in 24 hrs 34 programmes were broadcast of which 18 were linked. This equates to 52.94 % being linked.

BBC1 Thursday 12th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

This is your life Series Links - you were born on 1st September 2001...

As expected the BBC were consistent with their linked programmes. All the early and late evening series were linked.( News, This Is Your Life, EastEnders, Rogue Traders, Bargain Hunt, Airport USA, Question Time, This Week)

Again no links through the night(mainly educational programmes), but then straight into the links again as per the previous day.

Again an excellent effort and in 24hrs there were 34 programmes broadcast of which 24 were linked. This equates to 70.59 % being linked.

BBC1 Friday 13th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

Again all the main evening programmes were linked (Question of Sport, TOTP, EastEnders, Jonathon Ross etc)

At 06:00hrs The Fimbles were linked for the kids as was The Saturday Show. The one oddity I found was that Grandstand was not offering a link even though it’s on the same time every week.

Series links aren't just for the benefit of adults

Overall there was 34 programmes broadcast, but this time only 12 were linked. This equates to 35.30 % being linked.

BBC1 Saturday 14th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

As previously mentioned Grandstand wasn't linked, but after the National and Local news the links started again for the Sat night evening entertainment. All programmes from 19:00 - 22:30 hrs were linked( Chat Shows, Comedy, Nat Lottery, Casualty etc)

No need to cry when Series Links are present...

The links then started again at about 01:30hrs until about 04:00hrs(offering repeats of weekly programmes) Most of Sundays daily programmes were linked(Religious progs and EastEnders Omnibus) No News was linked, but it was offered for Songs Of Praise.

Good effort this by the BBC and in this 24hr period 29 programmes were broadcast of which 20 were linked. This equates to 68.97 % being linked.

BBC1 Sunday 15th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

All the early evening programmes were linked up to the News. (Wildlife On One, Antiques Roadshow etc.) There are no links through the night (educational programmes), but the links then start again with a vengeance from 09:00hrs - Kilroy, City Hospital and all the previously mentioned daytime and afternoon programmes.

  Valuable to the point of being priceless - that's Series Links...

Consistent effort this by the BBC and in this 24hr period 30 programmes were broadcast of which 21 were linked. This equates to 70 % being linked.

BBC1 Monday 16th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

No need to be Spooked, another Series Link well used here...  

All linked from 18:00hrs up until Midnight.(Holiday - Call the Shots, Inside Out, EastEnders, Changing Rooms, Spooks, etc.) No links through the night, but then started again at 09:00hrs. Royal Ascot was offering the link which is very considerate for all racing fans, as were all the kids’ programmes and Neighbours.

Keeping the Series Link service going to a consistent level with 34 programmes broadcast in this 24hr period of which 23 were linked. This equates to 67.65 % being linked.

BBC1Tuesday 17th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

The BBC are ending this 7 day period with the consistency of which they started. Again all evening programmes linked (EastEnders, Holby City, Cutting It, News).  There was a couple of links from 01:50hrs - 03:35hrs, Get A New Life and See Hear and then again all the usual day time programmes.

  The BBC are Cutting It with their use of Series Links

In this 24hr period there were 32 programmes broadcast of which 20 were linked. This equates to 62.5 % being linked.

Overall Conclusion for BBC1's Series Link Service

The BBC remained consistent throughout the week with all its major series. Every evening between 18:00 and Midnight links were offered. The daytime chat and consumer shows were always linked, and even the odd Sporting Event. The only real omissions are through the night which then tend to be educational programmes.

Over the course of the week BBC1 broadcast 227 programmes of which 138 were linked. This equates to a weekly total of 60.79 % being linked. The best day for links was Thursday and the worst was Friday.

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