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My week started on Wednesday 11th June @ 18:00 hrs and concluded at 18:00 hrs on Wednesday 18th June @ 18:00hrs

  BBC2, the little brother of BBC1, how would it fair?  

BBC2 Wednesday 11th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

Well as expected there wasn't quite as many links on this channel for midweek. A good winner for the Beeb is the Simpsons of course which can always be relied upon. There's always going to be the odd film tucked away on 2 so no links there. As we go through the night we hit on educational programmes again that offer no links. The main links that might interest some are Ready Steady Cook and The Weakest Link.

Some programmes are just MEANT for series linking!

In this 24hr period there were 39 programmes of which 14 were linked. This equates to 35.89% being linked.

BBC2 Thursday 12th June from 18:00 for 24hrs

excellent, Sport is getting the Series Link treatment too.

All your main consumer programmes, and The Simpsons of course were linked from 18:00hrs. Links continue to about midnight. (Fresh Prince, Malcolm in The Middle etc.) Nice addition was the Queens Tennis Tournament - ideal for all those fans not wishing to miss any of the action.

In this 24hr period there were 45 programmes broadcast of which only 16 were linked. This equates to only 35.55% being linked.

BBC2 Friday 13th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

Again the day started off well with the big seller, The Simpsons. Friday night seems to be a good night for links with Robot Wars, Joy Of Gardening and Timewatch all offering links. The ever popular Thin Blue Line was also linked even though they are old repeats. Throughout the night there's the compulsory film that’s obviously not linked but then the little green arrow returns with full force from 06:00hrs with kids programmes being linked until 16:00hrs.

  It might be war in Robot Wars but it's all peaceful using Series Link

In this 24hr period there were 24 broadcasts of which 16 were linked. This equates to a very respectable 66.66% being linked.

BBC2 Saturday 14th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

Not so great this one from the Beeb. There were no links during the early evening, and it was only the Friday evenings repeat of Have I Got News For You that offered the service. Nothing was linked through the night, occasionally there was the odd consumer programme that offered the link, and apart from the Tennis also being covered that was about all.

In this 24hr period there were 24 programmes broadcast of which only 7 were linked. This equates to only 29.16 % being linked.

BBC2 Sunday 15th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

Oooooooo, Doctor is Series Link obsession treatable?  

From about 18:40hrs programmes started to be linked, this continued to about 23:30hrs(Some Mothers Do av em, Top Gear and BBC2's top Sunday night programme 24) Nothing appeared to be linked through the night, nor were any kids or school programmes during the following day. Around about 16:00hrs links started to appear again, with the ever present Ready Steady Cook and Weakest Link.

In this 24hr period 42 programmes were broadcast of which only 10 were linked. This equates to only23.80% being linked.

BBC2 Monday 16th June from 18:00hrs for 24 hrs

The same principal applies where the early evening programmes were linked, (Simpsons, Fresh Prince, University Challenge, Never Mind The Buzzcocks). Again, possibly due to the fact there's many short educational programmes through the night, there was nothing linked. There were no Pre- school programmes or kids programmes linked throughout the day. The links started up again with Royal Ascot and Weakest Link.

Your starter for 10 - which channel makes good use of Series Links?

In this 24hr period there were 47 programmes broadcast of which 18 were linked. This equates to 38.29 % being linked.

BBC2 Tuesday 17th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

And racing in front is the BBC with Series Link Champ...

The trend being set here by BBC2 is that all early evening programmes and late evening programmes are being linked.(Simpsons, TOTP2, Star Trek, You Money Or Your Life, Battle Of The Atlantic and Newsnight.)Again there were no links through the night, but picked up nicely at 13:30hrs for Working Lunch, Neighbours, Laurel & Hardy, Royal Ascot and Weakest Link.

In this 24hr period there were 45 programmes broadcast of which 13 were linked. This equates to 28.88 % being linked.

Overall Conclusion for BBC2's Series link Service

As probably expected BBC2's service did not fare quite as well as BBC1's. Saying that they have most of there most popular series linked. Early evening showings seem to very popular with the links. From 18:00hrs each evening (Simpsons) links appear and continue to about approx 22:00hrs.. The trend seems to be that there are many school programmes broadcast through the night, none of which are linked. Because of this there seems to be quite a high number of broadcasts for the week, and therefore the % of links seems to be low. However if BBC2 continue to link the majority of their top series I don’t think anyone will be complaining.

Over the course of the week BBC2 broadcast 266 programmes of which 94 were linked. This equates to a weekly total of 35.33% being linked. The best day for links was Friday and the worst day for links was Sunday.

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