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My week started on Wednesday 11th June @ 18:00 hrs and concluded at 18:00 hrs on Wednesday 18th June @ 18:00hrs

  ITV1 was a latecomer to satellite, so have they tried?  

ITV1 Wednesday 11th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

Well how would ITV1 fare in the Series Links state? Considering it was this network that held out until it joined Sky Digital, I have to say that it certainly held its own. Well Wednesday can surely only mean one thing....Coronation Street.

Well this and Emmerdale before were both linked. The links continued after with the popular The Bill. The news again surprisingly wasn't linked and then as we went through the night there was a couple of American programmes that were linked in the early hours.

  Right Joe, whilst Eastenders is recording, do you fancy a smooch?

Very surprised to see that GMTV at 06:00hrs was not linked. Considering this programme has been on for many years, at exactly the same time, it’s rather difficult to work out a reason for its omission.

 GMTV - Big Let down on the Series Link front, but GMTV is a seperate tv company to ITV

The ever reliable Trisha and This Morning were linked, but then it then went into familiar mode with the kid’s progs and failed to add the links. Finally ITV finished off with their money spinner Millionaire Classics, which was obviously linked as we all want to watch those contestants get those easy questions wrong yet again.

In this 24hr period there were 32 programmes broadcast of which only 8 were linked. This equates to 25% being linked.

ITV1 Thursday 12th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs.

No Bad Girls, or Boys here..just nice Series Links...  

Well again all of ITV's big evening entertainment programmes were linked. Apart from the evening news (rather strange considering it’s on at 18:00hrs every evening) they were all linked. Emmerdale, The Bill, Bad Girls and Club Reps all being given the option to be linked. Again not much through the night, no GMTV. Trisha, This Morning and Loose Women appear linked and then we come round to Millionaire Classics again which offers the link.

In this 24hr period 35 programmes were broadcast of which 7 were linked. This equates to 20% being linked.

ITV1 Friday 13th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs.

ITV1 seem to be consistent with there evening entertainment programmes being linked. From 19:00hrs to 23:30hrs they were all linked. These include Play Your Cards Right, Coronation Street, Tonight With Trevor McDonald and A Touch Of Frost. Again true to form there were no links through the night, but then links started to appear again with the ever popular SMTV and CD-UK( 09:00hrs - 13:00hrs) There appeared to be no programmes linked in the afternoon, however this was made up of News and Films.

  Inspector Frost hasn't too many non series link programmes to investigate...

In this 24hr period 30 programmes were broadcast of which 7 were linked. This equates to 23.33 % being linked.

ITV1 Saturday 14th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

MIT - does that stand for Maybe Its Time all programmes were series linked like us?

Rather poor effort this I feel from ITV.  From 17:45hrs to Midnight there were only two programmes that offered the Series Link. These were You've Been Framed and M.I.T. The rest of the evening was made up of Films and one off Dramas.

There were no links through the night and into the morning. This was made up of repeats and children’s programmes. Saying that, I noticed that the programme Synopsis for The Big Bang, Brilliant Creatures and Art Attack were described as Series (possible failure here!) The afternoon offered no links as it was made up of one off sporting events and Films.

In this 24hr period 30 programmes were broadcast of which only 6 were linked. This equates to 20 % being linked.

ITV1 Sunday 15th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

Links started to appear from about 19:50hrs for about 2hrs, these were for Coronation Street, Forsyte Saga and The Royal. No links through the night and into the early morning. Again no GMTV link (I find that most strange)

This failure seems to be forgiven due to the fact that the late morning, Trisha and This Morning still offer the link. The afternoon children’s programmes and News programmes also failed to have a link.

Trisha maintains viewer loyalty by offering Series Links

In this 24hr period 28 programmes were broadcast of which 10 were linked. This equates to 35.71 % being linked.

ITV1 Monday 16th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

Emmerdale clash...just because he cancelled her Series Link Recording...  

Familiar territory this now for ITV1. All the main entertainment programmes offer the link, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Darling Buds Of May, there all there. Again no links through the night, but then all the previously mentioned daytime shows that still offer those links. Again no afternoon kids programmes, but then along pops cheeky old Chris Tarrant for Millionaire Classics.

In this 24hr period 36 programmes were broadcast of which 10 were linked. This equates to 27.77 % being linked.

ITV1 Tuesday 17th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

Well ITV1 finish my week rather well in the fact that they offer the link to all the major entertainment programmes. The usual Emmerdale, Carol Vordermans Better Homes, Holiday Airline, Home On Their Own, The Vice and Crossing Jordan were all linked.

  Home On Their Own, but Series Links have lots of company!

Familiar story of no links during the night, again no link for the ever present GMTV, and then links reappearing for those regular chat/consumer programmes.

In this 24hr period 33 programmes were broadcast of which 13 were linked. This equates to 39.39 % being linked.

Overall Conclusion for ITV1's Series Link Service

Well considering this was the last main network to join Sky Digital, I feel that they have made an admiral job. Sure not everyone's tastes are the same, however ITV show a fare amount of entertainment programmes so there's sure to be something that someone likes. The majority of their top programmes were linked, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, The Bill, Frost etc. Like the BBC, not many programmes were linked through the night, and also not many children’s programmes were linked. ITV1 seem to of realised that there may be a lot of housewives enjoying Trisha and This Morning as they were always linked. The only real disappointment seems to be the failure of GMTV being linked. This programme has been on for many years and always at the same time, so why the little green icon appears to be missing is a matter for ITV1 to explain.

Over the course of the week ITV1 broadcast 224 programmes of which 61 were linked. This equates to a weekly total of 27.23 % being linked. The best day for links was Tuesday and the worst day for links was Thursday and Saturday.

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