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My week started on Wednesday 11th June @ 18:00 hrs and concluded at 18:00 hrs on Wednesday 18th June @ 18:00hrs

  Are you comfortable Channel 4 - then tell me all about it, from the beginning...  

Channel 4 Wednesday 11th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

Well channel 4's main seller at the moment has to be Big Brother, this is on at regular times, and the good news is that it's linked. The links start off well with Big Brothers Little Brother at 18:00hrs.

  The Boys are missing telly, but not if they have Sky+ series links set.

Repeats of Friends and the new series of ER are also linked. Sneaked between these two big sellers was the series How Clean is Your House at 20:30hrs which also offered the link. Big Brother then returned as did the ever popular V Graham Norton, which both again offered the series link function. At 23:45hrs The Michael Essany Show offered the link and then we were taken into Big Brother Live.

 Oh Carol, give us a hug, it's not our fault Channel 4 won't give us  a Series Link.  

Surprisingly RISE was not linked at 07:00hrs nor was Countdown at 16:00, this seems strange considering that they are broadcast every day at the same time.

In this 24hr period 43 programmes were broadcast of which 16 were linked. This equates to 37.20 % being linked.

Channel 4 Thursday 12th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

Again the day started off with The Big Brother link. Hollyoaks then joined the list, as did the evening programme Place In The Sun. Big Brother was again linked in the evening and throughout the night. The news and educational programmes that were broadcast through the night failed to offer any links, and this appeared to be consistent throughout the week. Richard and Judy appeared with links at 17:00hrs.

They all realise simultaneously that they haven't set a Series Link for Big Brother!

In this period 36 programmes were broadcast of which 14 were linked. This equates to 38.88 % being linked.

Channel 4 Friday 13th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

Let Sky+ be your friend with Series Links...

Good evening for links this one. The majority of all 4's entertainment programmes offered this function, with Big Brothers Little Brother kick starting the action. This was followed by another popular channel 4 favourite, Hollyoaks. The links then continued from 19:30hrs to the early hours. These included Big Brother, Friends and V Graham Norton.

Again no links were offered throughout the night (Kids programmes and Films) but Brookside was then linked from 16:00hrs.

In this 24hr period 28 programmes were broadcast of which 12 were linked. This equates to 42.85 % being linked.

Channel 4 Saturday 14th  June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

It was only really the showings of Big Brother that were linked in this period. This was on throughout the evening, only interrupted by the odd film that obviously didn't carry the link. Throughout the night there was 4 music programmes linked, however quite strangely, no links were offered to the regular kid’s programmes in the morning. The period was finished off nicely though with the usual link for Big Brother and Hollyoaks that were on in the afternoon.

In this 24hr period 33 programmes were broadcast of which 14 were linked. This equates to 42.42 % being linked.

Channel 4 Sunday 15th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

Not a bad 24hr period for links this one. The period started off well at 18:00hrs with the programme Superman Smallville being linked. Again no weekend news programmes seemed to be linked, however again all the Big Brother Links appeared to carry the link. At 22:00hrs the big seller, 6 Feet Under was linked, as was Graham Norton, Richard Taylor and This Model Life(01:20hrs - 03:30hrs) There were no early morning kids programmes linked, nor were there any links for the educational programmes in the afternoon.

  You don't have to be Superman to make great use of Series Links

The afternoon programmes, Place In The Sun and Britain’s Best Homes were linked, Countdown rather strangely was not, but good old Richard and Judy saved the day by offering the link function.

In this 24hr period 35 programmes were broadcast of which 13 were linked. This equates to 37.14 % being linked

Channel 4 Monday 16th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

Have Graham Norton 5 times a week, with almost no effort required!  

This day very much seemed to follow the trend set by previous weekdays. All the Big Brother programmes offered the series link function, as did the channel 4 soap Hollyoaks. The evening shows of Surviving Extremes, V Graham Norton and West Wing were also linked. Countdown again was not linked, but the Place In The Sun and Richard and Judy were.

In this 24hr period there were 55 programmes broadcast of which 13 were linked. This equates to 23.63 % being linked

Channel 4 Tuesday 17th June from 18:00hrs for 24hrs

Good evening this one to finish off the week of links on 4. There seemed to be links from 18:00hrs through to 02:00hrs. These programmes included; Big Brother, Hollyoaks, Britain’s Best Homes, Born To Be Different, V Graham Norton, Soul Nation and Natwest Cricket Highlights. Again no links throughout the night and during the night but from 15:15hrs links were offered to Place In The Sun and Britain’s Best Homes. Again no Countdown link, but a big slap on the back for Richard and Judy at 17:00hrs. Hit for 6, Cricket is a welcome addition to Series Link

In this 24hr period there were 57 programmes broadcast of which 15 were linked. This equates to 26.31 %being linked.

Overall Conclusion for Channel 4's Series Link Service

Well on the whole I have to say that Channel 4 have made a good effort. At this time Big Brother is there big winner and it was good to see that the majority of showings were offering the link. Hollyoaks, ER, V Graham Norton also offered the link which is great as these are obviously very popular. Rather strangely the daytime programmes RISE at 07:00hrs and Countdown at 16:15hrs failed to offer the link. This is rather strange as they are long running series on 4 and I’m sure they attract many morning and afternoon viewers.

Over the course of the week Channel 4 broadcast 287 programmes of which 97 were linked. This equates to a weekly total of 33.79 % being linked. The best day for links was Friday and the worst day for links was Monday.

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