Big Issue

My week started on Wednesday 11th June @ 18:00 hrs and concluded at 18:00 hrs on Wednesday 18th June @ 18:00hrs

  Well at least you got rid of that horrid transparent logo in the top left hand corner of our screen...  


Are you sitting comfortably, then I shall begin to list all the links that Five offer. Oh wait a minute, of course there aren't any!! Well as previously mentioned this Broadcaster is still yet to provide this function. You could scroll through the listings all day long, however that little green icon just isn't going to appear. The absence of the series link icon surely means the loss of viewers for Five.

Five have been asked their position regarding this matter and you can read their answer in our Top Story.

To highlight Fives failure, below I have listed what 'could have been' for Wednesday 18th June from 18:00hrs for 24 hrs.

In this period there were 31 programmes broadcast of which 14 'could of been' linked. These could have included:

18:00 - Home And Away

18:30 - Family Affairs

00:15 - Major League Baseball

03:00 - 06:00 - Confederations Cup

06:00 - Sunrise

06:30 - Beachcomber Bay

07:00 - Hi - 5

09:25 - Dinner Doctors

10:00 - The Wright Stuff

11:00 - Terry and Gabby Show

12:30 - Home And Away

13:00 - Family Affairs

13:30 - Brainteaser

14:35 - Starsky and Hutch

Home or Away, you'll miss it ALL on five !
More like TV Doctors required for a Series Link function please
And the shows are so good, but so inaccesible to those with Sky+...
Look these guys are classics - they DESERVE Series Linking!

Had Five supported the series link function, the overall % 'could of been 45.16 %

So come on Five. If you're reading, just think of all the extra viewers you could have, had this valuable function for Sky + subscribers been made available.

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