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An important new Section to Plusworld is called "My Sky+" & it aims to show the human side of this technology called Sky+.

       Gary Waite
Name: Gary Waite

Age: 37

Occupation: Technology Manager

Location you live: Edinburgh

A little bit of information about yourself – Interests, Hobbies, etc. I'm lucky enough to have a job which is also my hobby, and gives me plenty of time to spend with my wife and young family. My friends think I'm a bit of a gadget-man, but for me it's all about convenience.

How long you’ve had Sky+ I bought it as soon as it became available - I couldn't wait to get my hands on it!

Who in your household uses Sky+ My wife and I mainly, but my 6 and 4 year-old sons know how to locate their pre-recorded Pokemon and Art Attack programmes.

What do you like about Sky+ I think it re-evaluates how you watch television. It's so easy to "sit in front of the box" and watch anything that's on, but Sky+ allows you to manage programming such that when you want to watch television, you're watching quality programmes (i.e. what you want, when you want). I love the way you can "pause" the television when the kids play up or the phone rings, and I can't imagine life without the ability to record any programme in the future in two or three key presses. I've never used my video recorder since.

What do you dislike about Sky+ Not a lot really - the disk could be bigger, but that is a symptom of good usage, so I'm not complaining. I'm sure as prices drop, future units will have a bigger disk. I do hope Sky will provide a favourable upgrade path for existing users. I feel the Sky+ development team should support those who have upgraded the disks themselves by making the free-space calculator work for any size of disk, not just 40Mb.

What in your Personal Planner right now: (programme names and channels please) A lot of programmes from the documentary channels (Discovery, History etc.) and a series link on "Taken". My wife is an avid fan of "Buffy" on five so another series link there.

How much diskspace do you have free right now? 16%, which means I'll have to start watching some recorded programs or it'll become full before I know it! I guess that's our biggest problem. Recently I lost some programmes I was only half-way though. I had automatic housekeeping set and it decided free up space.

How do you plan the programmes to be added to Sky+ I use the DigiGuide software to locate future programmes I might be interested in. We also get the Radio Times every week, which I think has a good layout.

How would you describe Sky+ to a friend who asked what Sky+ was Hmmm... Watch what you want, when you want, and sell your video recorder - you won't be needing it anymore.

Would you be interested in subscribing to a £300 lifetime Sky+ subscription: I know I will be using PVR-like systems for the rest of my life, but £300 is 30 months - quite a long time in the technology world. I'd like to see Sky offer a reduced lifetime subscription attractive to the early-adopters. After all we helped shape the product after launch through our feedback.

Are there any features you would like to add to Sky+ I'd like the ability to set an advertised programme to be recorded with a single key-press. I'd like the housekeeping to be more intelligent - when space is tight delete any "Viewed" programmes which look as though they've been watched all the way through first. Oh yeah, two-channel recording please.

As a % how happy are you with Sky+: I'd have to give this a well deserved 95% - no real complaints.

Would you like to comment in other way about Sky+ or the Sky+ service I think Tivo & Sky+ type services are the best thing that has happened to home television for years. Well done to Sky for taking the risk at a time when the technology barely allowed it to be possible. But even now, this technology is still ahead of it's time - people just aren't ready for it. I suggest reduce the capital cost as soon as practically possible to increase uptake.
Many Thanks to Gary Waite for answering these questions.

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