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These first 3 questions relate to the Instant Rewind function implemented by Sky on 9th December 2002

Instant Rewind
Have you turned on the Instant Rewind option?
Don't have Sky+

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Instant Rewind use
How much is Instant Rewind used in your household?
Every day
Every other Day
Less than once a week
I don't have Instant Rewind turned on
I don't have Sky+

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Instant Rewind Satisfaction
How satisfied are you with Instant Rewind?
Very Satisfied
Fairly Satisfied
Less than Satisfied
Very Dissastified
Not switched on / haven't got Sky+

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These next 3 questions ask about the next software update due in the Spring - specifically Dual Recording.

Dual Recording
When Recording 2 channels at once to the Sky+ Personal Planner is made possible in a month or 2, how often do you think you will record 2 programmes at the same time?
Every Day
Every Other Day
Less Than Once A Week

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Dual Recording Importance
How important is Dual Recording (being able to avoid clashes) to you?
Extremely Important
Very Important
Quite Important
Not Important
I never get clashes

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Dual Recording Repurcussions
When Dual Recording is introduced & avoids clashes how will your household feel?
Jubilant - no more programme clashes
Problems when channel flicking won't be possible
World War 3 when people cancel one of the programmes being recorded so they can channel flick
I will have to hide the remote control

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