Sky+ Votes Analysed (Set 3) - 20th August 2003 by James Payne

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The third and most recent poll we have been running was started in May 2003. This poll covered a varied ensemble of topics, ranging from Series Links, bang up to date to which version of Sky + you have. Below you will find the current results and findings to each question.

Sky + Series Links
How content are you with Sky + Series Links ?
Total Of 210 Votes


Well we cannot complain about what the Series Link is there to do. In a world where we don't really want to become too dependant on machines, the fact that by pressing buttons and selecting programmes that can be linked to set up the next reminder or recording of your favourite programme, is very welcome indeed. Now setting these up and enjoying them should be very easy indeed, however too many of us are fully aware of the Series Links failings, and therefore possibly missing the next programme in the series. Because of this only 13 voted (6.19%) were very content with series links, however 51.43% are still understandably not content with the link and feel that there are still far too many failings to be fully satisfied. 89 people (42,38%)voted that they were content, possibly the very lucky ones that viewing pleasure has not been disrupted. :


Adverts How often do you watch adverts on Sky + ?
Total Of 198 Votes


Latest kitchen cleaner, new flavour of crisps, maybe the brand with the new inflatable wings.........What are you talking about you cry. Well you could be forgiven for not realising that I was trying to sell you something. We see them on our screens everyday, but do we really watch those adverts. Well a huge 180 votes say that you never/rarely bother to sit around and watch them on Sky +. This equates to 90.91%. In comparison only 17 votes were registered for sometimes watching them, and a very sad 1 vote confessed that they always watch them.

Sky Box Office

How many Sky Box Office Movies have you recorded to Sky + since Sky + was installed ?
Total Of 184 Votes


With the amount of film channels on Sky these days, does anyone really want to pay the extra £3.75 to watch a movie 6 months earlier on Sky Box Office. With Sky + not only can you watch them off SBO, but you can now record them to the Sky + planner. Once recorded they can be kept in the planner for 7 days, and if you don't watch them you don't get charged. Theoretically this means that you could build up your very own library of SBO movies, and then pick them off to watch at your leisure. Whether this is common practice, I don't know, although 113 votes (61.41%) tells me that this is not high priority. A modest 58 votes (31.52%) have occasionally recorded between 1 - 10 movies, and 6 votes (3.26%) have recorded over 10.

Missing Sky + Planner Entries

In 2003 have you had any Sky + planner entries disappear by themselves ?
Total Of 140 Votes


Now lets face it, how many times have you bought flowers for the wife, nice chocolates even or maybe even done the housework for a whole week. You were sure that programme was in the planner to record for your wife yesterday. You must be going don't worry you're probably not. Unfortunately after nearly 2 years there still seems to be bugs that strike at any time and erase programmes from the planner. 65% of users have had the misfortune of this happening, whilst about one third of our respondents have never had to scratch their heads in utter bewilderment. Assuming our voters are typical - this means 65% of ALL users lose planner entries. This is far too high and Sky really need to sort this problem out...........if only for the fact that the wife doesn't like chocolates, I suffer from hay fever and my hands don't like dusters or dishes!!

Sky + Offers

Describe any offer ?
Total Of 164


Incentive, we all like an incentive. Normally we're grateful for such luxuries whenever we order any product, or possibly when we've had the product for some time, unfortunately and possibly more realistically we receive nothing at all. Now Sky are not generally known for their generosity. They very occasionally present offers, but only when the timing suits them. Only 39 votes (23.78%) of you were offered any special offer at the time of ordering, and only 3.66% (6 votes) received anything once they were subscribers. A massive, and not surprising 119 votes (72.56%) had never been offered anything. Now just think of the amount of extra customers Sky + would get if they offered to reimburse 6 months of sky + sub (£10) back to the customer if they remained customers for 12 months!!

Sky + Version

Which version of Sky + do you have ?
Total 207 Votes


Variation is good. We all like to choose which model of something we can have. For the first 19 months Sky + customers could only have one style of Sky + box (V1). Since April 2003 a second box from Pace (V2) has been made available. It offers the same functions and differs only cosmetically. Unfortunately Sky are not known to give you much choice when ordering, however now into July I would imagine that there's only V2 available when ordering. If this is the case, unfortunately until Amstrad join the market this version will again be your only choice. 76.33% (158 votes) have the original Sky + box, and 43 votes (20.77%) have the newer smaller V2.

2.9% currently don't have to worry about such burning issues...they still have a choice, that being not to have Sky + at all.

Watch out for a new set of polls to vote in coming soon

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