The following is a list of valuable resources for both existing and potential Sky+ users, and is one of the most extensive available on the web. (Please note Sky+ Reviews, Service Specifications, Prices, Offers etc may well be out of date on some of the articles.)

UPDATED 5th August 2004

The Full list of Channels on Sky updated 7th Sept 2004
& whether they use Series Links - click here

  Here is an essential phone resource:
The Sky+ Helpline on 08705 800 800

then press ** then press the following number:
1. to purchase a Sky+ box
2. to activate Sky+ account
3. to book a Sky+ installation
4. to discuss technical difficulties with Sky+ box

5. to discuss sky+ account / customer service issues
                         (calls charged at national rate)

Alternatively e-mail Sky:

For Irish Sky+ contact: 0818 719 824 (national rate)

Official Sky+ homepage  
A bit of style over content on the Sky+ web site, but useful, none the less.

Sky+ Web Ordering direct from Sky Existing Customers
Sky+ Web Ordering direct from Sky New Customers
If you've decided that you'd like Sky+ you can buy the Sky+ system online and choose a date for your install. And if no dates are to your liking - just cancel the request.

Sky+ Demos
Meet the Family and see what they make of Sky+, Play with Sky+ Interactively, or just watch and be amazed at all the features that Sky+ has.

Sky+ User Guide
All you ever wanted to know about Sky+ but were afraid to ask...(large file - Acrobat reader format - PDF file)

Digital Spy forum - Sky+
This link takes you to the Web’s Premier discussion forum on Sky+.
There you’ll find a wealth of experience and knowledge on all things of a Sky+ nature. 

Digital Spy Report Q&A from Sky on Sky+ (dated 27/3/03) 
This is another valuable insight into what Sky have in store for the next few months. 

Digital Spy Report Update on Sky+ (dated 15/7/02)
This is a critically important report on what features are likely to be released in 2002 and when.

Digital Spy Report Q&A from Sky on Sky+ (dated 4/2/02)  
This is a fantastic insight into what Sky stated have in store for the next software update. 

This is a very well run site covering all aspects of PVRs from a UK perspective. It's news updates are timely and well reported.

Google Groups -  
Google Groups -
The Google groups links are a relatively new way of easily getting at interesting information on newsgroups without anything more than a single click - we’ve set the ultra quick search up for you showing all Sky+ threads in date order - so enjoy.

My Sky+ Install Experience
Sample Sky+ images
Sky+ Known Current Bug List
Sky+ Known Fixed Bug List
Upgrading Sky+
Automan, one of the Sky+ pioneers has an extensive and media rich guide to Sky+ - follow the 5 links above - many jpegs - may take some time to load.

Comparison of Sky+ and Tivo  
A balanced view of Sky+ from a Tivo champion

Tivo users comments on Sky+  
A slightly less balanced bunch of views but nonetheless interesting.

Consumer Review of Sky+ on Dooyoo  
There's only a handful of reviews - why not add a review of your own here?

Register - Article on Sky+
Even Sky+ has the odd "off day"...

Interactive TV Today article
How much memory has Sky+ got? And read the full technical specification here

Home Theater HiFi Sky+ Review
A thoughtful and full review of Sky+. Well worth a read.

Pace demo of Sky+
The Grand Daddy of all Sky+ web sites - media rich and explanations of how your Sky+ is going to do dual recording. 

NDS Ltd - Sky+ Changes The Way Britain watches TV
A page of technical stuff about how Sky+ works (acrobat reader file - PDF format)

How To Add Line 23 Widescreen Switching (WSS) to Sky+
Technical instructions on how to re-engineer the inside of your Sky+ for Widescreen switching if the normal method can't be used.

Other Miscellaneous Links  
Waveguide UK Television & Radio News
The Register UK & World IT News
Digiguide World's best TV Guide
What Satellite Weekly Satellite News
BBC Technology News about technology
Peter Cochrane A Visionary News Search Engine
Digital Spy All things Digital
Electric Town Home Cinema News Daily
Media Guardian Constantly updated media news
Telegraph Connected Digital News
Independent Digital Digital News
FT Creative Business Media, Communications Analysis
Radio & Telly News & Resources Website
Logo Free TV Campaign for fewer Logos The home of cheap DVDs
CD-WOW The home of cheap CDs

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