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Series Links Don't Link

Series Links have been made "more robust" according to recent statements from Sky. Whilst the software update delivered bug fixes and minor improvements to the Sky+ operating system, the main benefit was surely that series links are "fixed". However according to feedback from Sky+ owners the problems have not been fixed. Some hard evidence of this has been gathered by myself, see examples below:

let's set a series link...ok I'll wait..    
Before the last software upgrade, this message had never been seen, the adding of the link was instantaneous. Now the software is busy doing "something".

Of course, if it makes the whole Series Link system more robust and reliable then any changes are to be welcomed.

However the current software version is causing no end of problems for Pace Version 1 Sky+ owners (version 2 owners have not had this software downloaded to their Sky+ boxes yet). See below for: Friday Night with Jonathan Ross - BBC 1 Date: Friday 23rd May 2003 Time: 22:35 to 23:25 (or not as the case may be)

Ok maybe we won't bother then...    
So despite successfully setting up the recording for Friday 16th May by pressing "R" to Record, the green Series Link option was present, so therefore was selected and there then followed the 2 screen messages above.

Now, why should I have to try later? I'm not dialing a busy Sky Call Centre, or trying to get on a bus that is full, all I and many Sky+ subscribers are trying to do, is use the function as advertised.

As usual it's almost impossible to know where the fault lies: Is it poorly managed EPG Series Link information from the BBC messing things up, or is it the Sky+ software falling over under certain "unknown" conditions.

Strangely, trying Mr Jonathon Ross's programme again 10 minutes later did indeed yield the desired result, a Series Link set for this show.

So what's going on? Well I tested numerous programmes to see if they had Series Links that worked. Most did, but upon continued testing 2 out of 20 shows failed to set up the series link correctly. Neighbours on BBC1 - next Friday, had a series link, so I pressed it, and lo and behold, the same failure messages appear again.

Strangely the Thursday edition of Neighbours Series Linked without a problem.

So, is it the 7 day rule for the EPG that's catching the Sky+ system out? If the Series Link passes more than 1 week into the future, it will fail? Maybe. But I tried to link Panorama for Sunday night (I did this on Friday 16th May) and it Series Linked without a problem.

As usual Plusworld has only got one message for Sky and that is "sort it out please!"

In the meantime, communication with it's Sky+ subscribers to let them know this annoying and intermittent problem is being acknowledged, would be a step in the right direction.


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Sky Box Office Movies On Demand Credit Where Credit Is Due

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