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An important new Section to Plusworld is called "My Sky+" & it aims to show the human side of this technology called Sky+. Read on and consider yourself for a future issue of this "Sky+ Hall of Fame"...

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Gary Waite Darren Clift

Welcome to our new My Sky+ Profiler...Gordy...
Ok, Gordy, you know the routine by now, over to you mate:

Age: 29

Occupation: Test & Repair Technician

Location you live: West Coast, Scotland

A little bit of information about yourself - Interests, Hobbies, etc. I live in a house full of gadgets and time saving devices and like playing with new technology. I use a Panasonic DMR-E30 DVD recorder to archive material from Sky+. I regularly archive films, music videos and interesting documentaries.

How long you’ve had Sky+ 15 months

Who in your household uses Sky+ Me

What do you like about Sky+ Ease of use, picture quality, reliability (more recent than not).

What do you dislike about Sky+ Lack of learning, as originally promised.

What in your Personal Planner right now: (programme names and channels please)
Avril Lavigne Special: MTV
The House John Rebuilt: Home & Leisure
Hardtalk: BBC News 24
Magnetic Flip: Channel 4
The Situation Room: BBC Four
Fifth Gear: Five
The Biggest Hits: The Hits
Ascent of Mars Mountain: Channel 4
The Killing Zone: Channel 4
Home and Away: Five
Enterprise: Sky One
The Bill: Scottish TV
Trust Me, I'm a Teenager: Channel 4
Have I Got News For You: BBC One
Matrix Reloaded Movie Special: MTV
Avril Lavigne on MTV
Matrix Reloaded also on MTV    

How much diskspace do you have free right now? 32% on originally installed 40Gb hard drive.

How do you plan the programmes to be added to Sky+ Sky EPG, Digiguide, TV magazine articles.

How would you describe Sky+ to a friend who asked what Sky+ was Easy way to record and watch TV, on your terms, push of a button, no hassle.

Would you be interested in subscribing to a £300 lifetime Sky+ subscription: Yes

Are there any features you would like to add to Sky+ Dual record, Edit/Crop recorded programmes and bookmarks.

As a % how happy are you with Sky+: 70%

Would you like to comment in other way about Sky+ or the Sky+ service Sky+ customer service, on the whole, know nothing about the technology behind Sky+. Be prepared to be bamboozled by a bunch of flow-chart following, technophobic idiots. Nevertheless, if you're lucky, and know where to find them, the odd few are very good. I expect Sky+, on the whole, to improve in the months to come. .
Many Thanks to Gordy for answering these questions,

If you would like to be featured in this "My Sky+" - please answer the questions above as Gordy has and include a photo of yourself.

Send your contribution here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Gary Waite Darren Clift

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