Sky+ Votes Analysed (Set 2) - 14th August 2003 by James Payne

Polls, polls and even more polls !!.................

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The second of our polls was conducted in February 2003. This was to include a recently released s/ware upgrade and a much anticipated soon to be released function. The category included 6 questions and below you will find the current result and findings :

Instant Rewind
Have you turned on the Instant Rewind function ?
Total Of 325 Votes


Well there we are. It was a function that had been talked about for quite a while, and eventually when made available, users appreciated the privilege. A very grateful 86.15% enjoy the option to be able to instantly rewind live TV and catch up with any missed action, all by the press of a button. Only a very small 11.38 % shielded the need to activate the function........Maybe Live Pause is good enough for some.

Instant Rewind Use
How much is Instant Rewind used in your household ?
Total Of 186 Votes


Well there we are again, proof if it was ever needed that this function really does add advanced functionality to the machine. Over half the votes show that subscribers are using this function on nearly a daily basis. Interestingly 13.98% don't have the function turned on........Oh go on, do it, it'll keep you amused for days

Instant Rewind Satisfaction
How satisfied are you with Instant Rewind ?
Total Of 177 Votes


To conclude Instant Rewind, a good 142 votes, equating to 80.22% felt either very satisfied or fairly satisfied with the function. Proof really that when you're paying for a premium product and service, and offered an advanced function, subscribers like to make sure that they have as many opportunities not to miss any part of the programme. Only a very small minority expressed their concern on the matter, could this be because you can't currently archive this saved programming ?

Dual Recording
When recording 2 channels at once to the Sky + Planner is made possible, how often do you think you will record 2 programmes at the same time ?
Total Of 182 Votes


Well here we are, still craving for that function that seems to hanging in the air for an eternity. It's difficult to gauge exactly how many times we will use the function until it actually arrives. In the mean time Sky, just have a read of this. A massive 78.02% feel the need to use the function and record 2 programmes. So come on Sky, we've been waiting long enough!!

Dual Recording Importance
How important is Dual Recording (Being able to avoid clashes) to you ?
Total Of 60 Votes


With the amount of channels on Sky Digital these days, it appears that users would welcome the opportunity to record 2 programmes avoiding clashes. Out of the 60 votes, 37 (61.66%) said it was extremely important, and 21 votes (35%) thought it was very or quite important. Only 2 votes (3.33%) thought that it wasn't. Sky + have promised this function for many months now, and it appears that they can rest assured that all the planning and development that went into providing this function, would've certainly been worth their trouble.

Dual Recording Repercussions
When Dual Recording is introduced and avoids clashes, how will your household feel ?

Total Of 164 Votes


Ah good question..........Will we have reservations about the soon to be introduced function........A resounding NO echoes around Plusworld HQ. It seems that a good 53.66% (88 votes) want it NOW!! A rather British like 65 votes (39.63%) still have doubts when it comes to channel surfing. Thankfully I feel reassured that the Dual Record function will be the most important feature in at least 2 households, as they feel that the remote control will have to be hidden to avoid all domestics!!

Watch out for a further set of poll results coming soon

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