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Series Links Exposed    

This article - Series Links Analysed    by James Payne
Posted on Monday 23rd June 2003 

  How Series Links are used on each channel  

Never has such a plain simple colour meant so much. Many years ago, but not that many you understand, the colour green only meant one thing to me. TERROR. I used to quake at the thought of meal times, all that coaxing, and no doubt bribery, just to get me to eat my dreaded vegetables !

Garden peas, runner beans, brussel sprouts and broccoli. I'm sure had they of been a different colour I’d have found them slightly more attractive. I can only say thank goodness for carrots and cauliflower. However, once that particular phobia was over with, my already scarred childhood was dealt another major blow.

  Not all green things need give you nightmares!

Lou Ferrigno & David Banner. Need I say more? Whenever I saw someone lose their temper, or wearing a shirt that was quite obviously too small for them, I ran. I ran as fast and as far as I possibly could. I still think it was the eyes that scared me the most. The change from a gentle, calming deep blue, to a horrible attacking GREEN. To this day I’m sure this green business is the reason to why I’ve never bought a green car or shirt, and never really cut the grass much.

Don't make me angry little green arrow - you wouldn't like me when I'm angry...

As I said this was all in my childhood, (although I’m still not going to see the Hulk film) and these days, the colour green does hold far more importance to me. (If there are any young children reading, it is still important to eat your greens). That little green double ended arrow Sky call Series Link. We all know the importance of the Series Link function and we all look forward to its appearance, and the reassurance that it delivers.

I remember the day it was introduced. The prompt to press the button when entering the programme into the planner. Over a period of time the icon started to appear more & more. Suddenly no more worries about missing EastEnders ! Set the Series Link function and let the box take care of the rest.

Well here we are 19 months later. So just how often are these series links offered. Below you will find a detailed account of how the first 6 channels in the Sky EPG, 101-106 offer this valuable service. My intention is to bring to your attention, how many times links are offered by the broadcaster over a 24 hr period for each channel over the Sky EPG 7 day period. Unfortunately as we all know, FIVE (formerly channel 5), are still to offer this service on Sky. This is a major headache and to put it politely damn irritating. I'm sure that if Five were to offer this service they would easily attract more viewers. (See major story)

For the channels that did offer links, were there any series that were broadcast that didn't carry/offer the link?

To present the information in digestable chunks, and also to try and drive new visitors to Plusworld, each channel's analysis will be presented one a day over the next week. Please keep coming back for the biggest analysis ever conducted on Series Links. We start today with BBC1.

My week started on Wednesday 11th June @ 18:00 hrs and concluded at 18:00 hrs on Wednesday 18th June @ 18:00hrs

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Sky+ Series Links Sky+ £10 Charge Sky+ Customer care
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Series Links Exposed    

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