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An important new Section to Plusworld is called "My Sky+" & it aims to show the human side of this technology called Sky+. Read on and consider yourself for a future issue of this "Sky+ Hall of Fame"...

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Welcome to our new My Sky+ Profiler...Simon..
Ok, Simon you know the routine by now, over to you mate:
Simon Lewis  
Name:Simon Lewis

Age: 38

Occupation: Technical Director, Appliance Studio Ltd ( We design and build digital products similar in many ways to Sky+ in that they offer a great user-experience from an easy-to-use device. We call things that work like that "appliances".

Location you live:Bristol.

A little bit of information about yourself - Interests, Hobbies, etc. I'm married with a couple of kids, so the family takes up much of my spare time. Because I work in the IT industry, I tend to have an interest in things technical, but I never spend my own money on toys for toys sake. A gadget has to do something useful and do it well to find its way into my house. I enjoy writing about things I'm passionate about - - for example.

How long you’ve had Sky+ Just over a year.

Who in your household uses Sky+ Myself and my wife. My four-year-old is just learning how to use it. In fact, he can't understand why we can't pause the TV upstairs like we can the one in the living room!

What do you like about Sky+ Great functionality with very high attention to ease-of-use. Total integration with the satellite experience is what sold it to me over Tivo, which of course I'd far rather have from a gadget point-of-view!

What do you dislike about Sky+ The "back" button doesn't behave has it does on the web. I should be able to go to a new channel, then hit "back" to get back to the one I was just watching. I wish the sound started up straight away after you pause. Instead you miss ~2 seconds of dialogue :-(

What in your Personal Planner right now: (programme names and channels please)

Mostly EastEnders, Top Gear, Have I Got News for You, Bob the Builder, and Sesame Street.

Jememy Clarkson of Top Gear can't play the piano
Big Bird can't drive but he can play the piano

How much diskspace do you have free right now? Always try to keep it to around 50%

How do you plan the programmes to be added to Sky+ Entirely on impulse, when we see a trailer or whatever. We certainly don't have time to do anything "planful" like sit down and read a listings magazine in advance. We use series links quite a lot.

How would you describe Sky+ to a friend who asked what Sky+ was A very easy to use video-recorder with no tapes. Just press a button and record a programme. Oh, and that you can pause and rewind live TV! Every product has to have a feature you can show-off to your friends, and that's Sky+'s.

Would you be interested in subscribing to a £300 lifetime Sky+ subscription: Don't know. Probably not. I'm unusual in that I'm quite happy buying Sky+ as a "service", but that's probably because I'm a fan of new business models. I don't like paying money to Sky anymore than anyone else though!

Are there any features you would like to add to Sky+ Very few, actually. The back button behaviour I've already mentioned. And the use of the disk as a cache for the EPG and text services. Occasionally we could use dual-record, but I'd rather have a feature whereby the live-pause buffer could be committed to disk. We'd use that quite a bit.

As a % how happy are you with Sky+: 95%

Many Thanks to Simon for answering these questions,

If you would like to be featured in this "My Sky+" - please answer the questions above as Simon has and include a photo of yourself.

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