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Loyalty has now Rewards

Thank you Sky. Thank you Plusworld.
Further to my letter to you, which you detailed on your site entitled "Loyalty has no Rewards", I took your advice and highlighted my concerns to Sky customer services at the email address you kindly provided. a happy customer
If you recall, I was an early Sky Digital and early Sky+ customer. As an early subscriber, I inevitably paid for both receivers and also paid for installation. I also have a second subscription and have had the full World Package since the beginning.

It costs me a cool £60.00 per month, not including my annual Premiership+ season ticket and the occasional box office. I sent the same letter that appeared on your site to Sky customer services as you suggested and a couple of days later I received the email response shown below.

Sky have reduced my subscription by £10 per month.

£10!! That's per month!! Let me say it again, £10 per month.

To say that they have successfully managed my expectations is an understatement.

Talk about a recovery for their customer services department. Excellent performance. That's a reduction of over 16% in my monthly subscription - that's £120 per year.

I know you might think me a tad shallow by being easily bought by a reduction in subscription, but that was what my concern was all about.

As a long time subscriber, I felt that I wasn't receiving my fair share of offers. Not only have they dealt with my concern, but they have also provided a recurring offer that delivers a real benefit, rather than the token one-off credit on my bill that I expected

Good work Sky. More than keeps my business, I'll be an advocate for your customer service.

Good work Plusworld. Your advice regarding method and approach for contacting Sky customer services with my concerns has paid dividends and was a resounding success. Spot on.

Like I said, thank you Sky, thank you Plusworld.


Danny Martorana

From: E-Care
To: dannymartorana@removedemailaddress.com
Subject: RE: Complaint - Multi..
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 14:25:57 +0100
Customer Care Enquiry Code E1106BXI

Dear Danny

Customer account number:
As valued subscriber, I have arranged for your digital account to be included in the promotional discount offer whereby, the 10.00 (GBP) monthly subscription for Sky Plus is waived on your account.

To arrange this for you I have had to alter our records and the reduced subscription has temporarily changed to the monthly rate of 15.00 (GBP) as this is the rate for new customers installing Sky Plus.

However, I have credited your digital account the amount of 3.00 (GBP) to absorb the difference of the 12.00 (GBP) rate when your payment is due on 1 July.

The reduced rate will be altered back to 12.00 (GBP) by the time your next subscription is due on 1 August, whereby the total monthly rate due will be 50.00 (GBP).

All subsequent payments will be 50.00 (GBP) unless you make any changes to your current package.

I trust my actions over this matter meet with your approval, and I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of the digital service.

Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our email address.

Kind regards

Barbara Irwin

Customer Care Department

Editor says: Thanks for your e-mail Danny. Excellent result for you, and for Sky.

There's a moral in your story Danny for all disgruntled Sky+ subscribers, if you're unhappy with your lot of Sky+ subs, then drop Sky customers services an e-mail at: skydigital@bskyb.com

I consistently hear that Sky don't listen to its customers, but communication is a 2 way process and you need to contact Sky if you are unhappy about any aspect of their service.

Congratulations to Sky on turning round an unhappy customer into an ambassador for your company and its services.

A cold Day in EPG - part 2

Although Sky haven't fixed the problem I have found a way around it which seems to work OK (well most of the time at least).

If the picture freezes after pressing BackUp wait about 10 seconds or more then press Sky, you'll then go back to the last channel watched but the Subtitles should still be working.

Here's another problem (Don't know if it's been covered before), I did a reminder for Emmerdale at 5:30pm on ITV2 on 9th June, I also did a reminder for Grange Hill on CBBC at 6pm.
The reminder came up for Emmerdale OK, BUT, at 5:59pm the reminder came up for "Grange Hill" but it was saying it's a reminder for the Emmerdale I had just watched, AND THERE WAS NO WAY OF GETTING RID OF IT, until 6:10 when the reminder would have cancelled itself anyway. strange goings on down Emmerdale

Grange Hill was Series Linked but not Emmerdale (that was a one off).

I have also noticed lately that I have had to turn the Subtitles ON and the Instant Rewind OFF a couple of times after turning the Box on, this would be understandable if it turned on to 998 but it didn't.

Stephen Martin

Editor Says: Glad you've got a workaround for the subtitle problem. As far as your strange reminder problem is concerned - I must admit to being one of those luddites who doesn't use Reminders, perhaps some of our readers know of similar problems. Have you tried e-mailing skydigital@bskyb.com to report the problem?

Sky+ Results after "Trials & Tribulations"

I sympathise with the chap who had so many problems getting a replacement guide. However I ordered Sky+ last week and wondered what documentation was available online while I waited for delivery.

It took Google less than 5 seconds to find it at http://www1.sky.com/products/skyplus/products_skyplusstory_rl4.html .

Regards, Laurie

Editor Says: Thanks for your e-mail Laurie. "That Chap" was me, by the way.

Things have moved on a little from when that article was written. For one Sky have taken on board, the suggestions of Plusworld and other Sky+ owners, that their customer support wasn't as good as it should be.

At the time of writing the Trials & Tribulations article there was no online resources, but now thankfully as you have noticed there is beginning to be a push to get more and more online. With our campaigning hat on, Plusworld has also campaigned for letters to be sent to customers after software updates are implemented, and for addendums to Sky+ User Manuals. Both actions which Sky have now undertaken. From small acorns...

Capital Problem

The Audio is jumping on CH863. This is not happening on my previous sky box but around every 6 minutes on my Sky+ box [New Version] the audio tracking keeps jumping[cutting out].

It is not doing this on any other station except 863 Capital Gold on EPG Software version sky+ 1.24.i1 capital gold - technical problems for Neil

Neil Mclean

Neil, I know that you have subsequently contacted Sky technical services, who were unable to give you a resolution. Does anyone else have a similar problem with the audio cutting out? I did hear of some problems on the movie channels recently, but not channel 863.

Offer on Sky+

I was contacted by Sky last Sunday with a 'special offer' of free installation of Sky + and a box for only £149. Previous offers had failed to hook me (I've been a Sky Digital subscriber with Sky World for 3 years) because they were too expensive.

After a few minutes conversation with the telephone sales chap, it transpired that the offer was for an additional subscription at £15 per month (on top of the £10 per month Sky + subscription).

I was definite about only wanting Sky +, so he offered the box at £149 with a discounted installation charge of £25. This was more like the offer I had been waiting for so I agreed to sign up. The sales chap read me my rights (terms and conditions - 12 months tie in with 30 days grace to cancel, etc.). Unfortunately the sales person had to keep putting me on hold while getting apparently getting his computer to work. After waiting for 4-5 minutes I had to quit in order to go out for the day.

The following day I telephoned one of Sky's published sales numbers and tried to follow up my order. The person I spoke to at the call centre didn't know anything about the offer but he said he would find out and phone back.

2 hours later I called again and spoke to a very helpful rep who told me it was probably a reconditioned box. This was news to me! However, I still signed up for installation at £174 in total. It occurred to me afterwards that, had I completed the transaction the day before, I would have signed up to a reconditioned box without knowing.

If this is a sales tactic from Sky it is unfair. I think that they should make it clear to customers from the outset that this a second-hand equipment offer.

Best regards Chris

Chris wasn't expecting not to be informed about a Sky+ reconditioned box.
Editor Says: Something smells a little fishy here. It's one thing to offer you a special deal, quite another to not tell you about a reconditioned Sky+ box. Perhaps the first chap you spoke to would have told you eventually. But it's a rather important aspect you'd expect to be told about up front.

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