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Hi Plusworld

I have had a sky+ for 2 years. And its fab. Only one thing lets it down that’s the sky planner.

Having MUTV the match started 30mins late. Now I use the manual recording. To make sure. Other then that great. I love the site

Eddie Green
Manchester United - No full match for viewers with Sky+
Editor Says: Sorry to hear about the match Eddie, I know it's of little consolation, but even Sky themselves don't always remember to alter the EPG when a sporting event over runs. Your solution of setting a Manual Record is by far the best way to deal with sporting or live events.

Hi there, I wonder are you aware of the sound dropout problems that people are having with SKY+. Check this thread.

There are several more threads about this too. Sky seem to be ignoring the problem and telling people that it doesn't exist or that it has been fixed, but it keeps happening. I think it would be a good topic for your campaigns section. The sort of investigation one would hope Sky were carrying out analysing sound dropouts

Regards Dave Smith

Editor Says: It's a strange one this - is it a function of the Dolby Digital feed that's interfering with the normal sound - there don't seem to be many reports from normal Sky digibox users of problems. Equally the sheer volume of Sky+ users with this fault means that there is a large number of Sky+ users out there experiencing problems. The thing that I find hard to comprehend is that this "problem" has been ongoing for months now and yet Sky have not fully come to terms with a fault fix. If you follow the thread you mentioned at least Sky now want to hear from people who have a problem so they can collect more evidence. If it's not fixed within the month Dave, we sure will have it featured in our campaign section.


I didn't see anything on the site about this so I'm asking anyway. I'm going to be moving in a few weeks and I'm wondering what Sky charge for moving the account over to a new house and putting up a new dual LNB dish? The house already has a single LNB dish so I guess it's just a new LNB and twin cabling to run. Has anyone had this done you know of?

Moving home needn't be too expensive...

Cheers Neil

Editor Says: Hi Neil Thanks very much for your e-mail. Have you already got Sky+?
If so moving costs £50 to reinstall the dish with a quad LNB Dish. If you haven't already got Sky+ - Sky are currently offering Sky+ installs for £1 if ordered on the web. Why not phone Sky on 08705 800 800 and ask for the latest prices on moving?
cheers Callum


I just thought you would like to know I have had my sky plus version 1 receiver changed because I was having a lot of problems with it so I have now got sky plus version 2 and thought you would like to know the software version for this receiver

Here are the software versions for it Operating system version 1.3.0B9 Epg software version SKY+ 1.24.I1

Hope I have be of help
Hope to hear from you soon
Thank you
Alan Charity

Editor Says: Thanks for that Alan, although we don't feature the EPG software version for the new box on our front page, we do keep it up to date in the Sky+ FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). At least Sky sorted out your faulty box with a nice new one. Good result.


I appreciate the differences between a PVR and a VCR but don't SKY have a conscience? How is it possible that glitches in the software allow all recordings to be wiped? This happened to me yesterday. Not a user error.

The system power-cycled itself when mid-program and all the saved programs were lost. It is possible to prevent this by appropriate programming methods - why is this not a concern to SKY ?

I know that it is impossible to view programs recorded whilst on one package after changing to another package that doesn't include the channel recorded. That's of dubious legality in itself as you have paid for it. Does everyone appreciate that all the recordings are unavailable if you cannot receive a signal ?
Is it legal?  Wouldn;t we all like to know?

My LNB died a couple of months ago, engineer booked in a couple of days later. No problem I thought I'll just view some of my recordings. But the system doesn't allow it. No signal No PVR. Why is this? I can't fathom any reasonable explanation other than the arrogance of SKY and its programmers.

Basically I like SKY but detest the monopoly and the corporate arrogance / greed that accompanies it, a competitive market would pretty soon alter their attitude and the costs.

Steve Melhuish

Editor Says: I see Steve you have no strong opinions either way! (NOT!)
Other PVRs like Tivo would let you watch what you've recorded on the moon or in a submarine if you wanted to view programmes there. Not so Sky+. It's all to do with security, encryption and making money, 3 things Sky are very good at! As far as legality is concerned, it would be interesting to see in a test case if Sky could say it was fair that you couldn't view something you had paid for.


Just thought I would let you know that I have tried to cancel my subscription for the current programme package and keep channels 101 -105 as you detail on your web page, but to keep the recording facility for £10 per month.

They now say without a subscription, the £10 fee for the recordable bit of the sky + box cannot be collected, (they will not collect just £10) thus making the recordable bit redundant without a subscription.

If you are aware of a way to overcome this problem please let me know, is it worth taking this point to the Ombudsman, if there is one.
Ombudsman shouldn't be required - just better trained Sky staff

Many thanks Martin Cornhill

Editor Says: 9 times out of 10, customer service representatives will tell you it's impossible but of course there is no problem with your request - it can be done.
But to save your phone bill and sanity. and to avoid tracking down an ombudsman this always works:
Write an e-mail to: skydigital@bskyb.com
In the subject of the e-mail write: Complaint re. subscription change request. Then in the body of the e-mail explain what you've told me. Different people deal with complaints compared to who answers the phone. Any e-mails that start with the word "complaint" are carefully measured and responded to in a much more careful and thorough manner than "standard e-mails". Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

Hi Callum,

Thanks to your info I decided to order sky+ - not sure if you know but a new offer started Wednesday. £199.00 for the box, free installation, free transfer of existing digibox to another room, £10 sky+ charge scrapped, and just £15 per month for both Sky+ and full package of programmes to the old box. Digibox relocated without a problem

The guy at sky has told me the staff are snapping up the offer!.


and a follow up from Diane:


Had it installed Tuesday - no problem [ new style box] - and we love it already!. The sky guy moved our old sky box into an upstairs bedroom, and the new viewing card arrived in the post Tuesday morning [ 22nd]- even though I didn’t order it until last Saturday [19th], so I was surprised that they were so organised.

The price is exactly what they quoted over the phone, so I don’t think we have done too badly.

Thanks again Diane

Editor Says: Thanks for that Diane. Good to hear that Sky are still offering preferential terms for existing Sky Digital owners. That offer did seem good. How it will compare with the autumn offer, we'll have to wait and see!

I have just had Sky+ installed and I can't seem to find any information, anywhere, on what it costs to use facilities such as e-mail.
It doesn't actually say anywhere that you will receive extra charges for some of the services. I would like to know what I might be charged for before I use them. Can you help?
Email services amongst others are not price marked before you choose the service
It doesn't help that my set top box came with no manual or terms & conditions!

Many thanks Carol

Editor Says: Hi Carol. Thanks for your e-mail and welcome to the wonderful world of Sky+.

Well you have found the flaw in the great Sky plan, there is NO way of finding out prices to services until you delve deeper a few layers into a particular application like e-mail. By law Sky must tell you BEFORE they try to connect you via the Sky+ modem what the charge would be and must offer you a connect or cancel option once you see the price. As far as e-mail is concerned, it varies on which e-mail you use, but generally it costs 12p connection charge, the local call rate plus 1 pence per minute...not exactly cheap compared with checking e-mail on a PC.

So whilst its far from ideal - try navigating down into any service as much as you can until you get to the price info - then you will ALWAYS be told the price before being asked what you would like to do next... I agree with you - that its a rubbish way to do business, but they don’t want to scare people off at the front page so they don’t tell you until you have done lots of Selects and navigation...

Oh well - keep your services use on Sky+ down to a bare minimum if you're concerned about cost, and use all the fantastic features that Sky+ gives you for a fixed cost. Hope that answers your question.

Kind Regards Callum
ps the user manual wouldn't have told you anything very interesting anyway about such services. However the Sky+ user manual is downloadable free of charge from Sky at this link:

Its a big file - over 5MB and its a PDF (Acrobat Reader file format).

Hi there
Dual Recording - I've seen this mentioned on lots of occasions but I've still not seen it or any firm release date from Sky. Is it ever going to be released?

On another note, I which the Sky mag or web site had a full A-Z movie listing, e.g. every movie and when it's shown. I often don't see a movie I'd like to watch until that night and then can't record it because of East Enders or some other soap, I then spend a lot of time trying to find the next showing.

Many thanks, Phil

Editor Says: Hi Phil and thanks for your e-mail. The reason you have seen no firm date for Dual Record is because none exists. Dual record in particular is the most complex set of user screens ever created by Sky and they want them to be foolproof. However in saying all that at Plusworld we believe that Dual Record will be released in the next 30 days.

As far as TV guides go - try using Digiguide - it does exactly what you want at a very reasonable £6.99 per year. Sky will never go back to listing all movies, sorry. Watch this space.

Kind Regards Callum


I recently upgraded from normal Sky to Sky+ and was at first astounded by the new system. However, after a short while something came to my attention and the answer from Sky was very annoying.

You see, with a normal Sky box I could copy movies from say the Cinema channel directly to my DVD recorder. Being a collector of old movies this proved invaluable.
However for some reason Sky has copy protected all of the normal Movie channels and as far as I can tell, a lot of the Sports channels too.

The reason for this ;- I quote Sky - "You have a record facility in the Sky+ box so you don't need to be able to record to DVD."

If I had known about this before hand, I would seriously have considered not getting Sky+. The only way around this is if I pay out for a second box which is just plain stupid.
If Sky+ is copy protecting old movies, what are they going to protect next? If I want to keep a movie or program and record it to DVD, but can't, my Sky+ disk is going to get full up very very quickly.

This in my opinion has invalidated the whole purpose of me having Sky+ and I am very frustrated.
Pefect Quality with DVD - if only Sky+ would allow it!
Ed King

Editor Says: Sorry to hear your tale of woe Ed. However have your tried introducing a anti protection device which will render Sky's attempts useless? I wouldn't normally suggest such a thing, but you are paying for the privilege, so you should get the service. As you say, it's not as if Sky mentioned this beforehand.

That's it for this edition of Have Your Say - If you would like to get something off your chest, give a bit of praise or let us know what you think about Sky+ then please do drop us a line - we'd be delighted to hear from you.  

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