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"My Sky+" aims to show the human side of this technology called Sky+. Read on and consider yourself for a future issue of this "Sky+ Hall of Fame"...

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Welcome to our new "out of this world" My Sky+ Profiler...Paul..
Ok, Paul, you know the routine by now, we have lift off:
Intrepid Adeventurer Paul Strickland  
Paul Strickland  
Name:Paul Strickland


Occupation: Global IT stuff for a major mobile telecoms group

Location you live:Lambourn, Berkshire, UK. Large village (3000 people) with close ties to the horse racing industry.

A little bit of information about yourself - Interests, Hobbies, etc: I'm married to Anne, with two children, Ellie 15 and Aiden 11. Major interest is running a charity raft racing team called Watership Down. We build themed rafts (see picture at end of article), dress up and throw ourselves down various rivers and canals each summer. I also sing in the chorus of the local operatic society. On the technical side, I archive a lot of stuff from Sky+ down to PC (Dazzle DVC2 MPEG capture - brilliant!) and then onto DVD.

Pioneer 43" plasma, Harmon Kardon 4500 Receiver, Pioneer 530 DVD, JVC S-Video VCR, Sky+. Old Digibox linked to the PC, with a free to air card.

How long you’ve had Sky+ :Janurary 2002

Who in your household uses Sky+ :Everybody!

What do you like about Sky+ :Ease of use has to be the biggest selling point. I agree with all of the "changes the way you watch TV" comments, but it's only viable if it's simple to use. The integration with the EPG is great. Connectivity is good, etc etc. I'm a fan.

What do you dislike about Sky+ :Not much. £10 a month for using information I already had. Apparent poor reliability; I havn't had a problem, but others have. Only 1 week of EPG.

What in your Personal Planner right now: (programme names and channels please)

Several TOTP2 (BBC2), 24 (BBC2), Indiana Jones & Last Crusade (BBC1), Muriels Wedding (Sky Cinema), State Of Play (BBC1), various house programmes (the wife), teen films and music videos (the kids)

Muriel's Wedding

How much diskspace do you have free right now? 30%

How do you plan the programmes to be added to Sky+ I sit down on Saturday morning with the newpaper TV guide, and then ad-hoc. Series links when they work!!

How would you describe Sky+ to a friend who asked what Sky+ was Combined satellite receiver and personal video recorder. If they are interested in TV, the best £200 they will ever spend.

Would you be interested in subscribing to a £300 lifetime Sky+ subscription: A lifetime subscription possibly, but £300 seems too high. 2.5 years is a long time in the current market, given the emergence of broadband, and general convergence of technologies.

Are there any features you would like to add to Sky+ It's not specifically Sky+, but a more flexible, configurable, EPG would be good, with proper favorite channels lists etc. A learning remote!!!!! (Does anyone know the code for a HK receiver, 1038 does work) Dual recording of course. Remote operation from the phone or internet.

As a % how happy are you with Sky+: 95%

Would you like to comment in other way about Sky+ or the Sky+ service? : BRILLIANT!

  It's the Charity Raft Racing Team....Obviously !! (Paul - 2nd from the right)  
Many Thanks to Paul for answering these questions,

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