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This article - Missing Series Links    by James Payne
Posted on Monday 14th July 2003 

  How Series Links are missed on each channel  

Now we all know the old saying don't we...that's it, "If you don't see the Green Link......then scratch your head in utter dismay"

To what am I referring I hear you ask? Well it's the continuing saga of ' Series Links ' of course.

We all know how the game's played by now don't we. "Oh great " you cry as you select another programme into your planner.

Comfort has now been fully installed into your everyday viewing pleasure, reassured that not only will that reminder be displayed on your screen, or that your favourite programme will be recorded, but also by pressing that little green button when prompted, your everyday troubles will now take a well earned vacation.

Never Miss A Thing (cough..cough)

We're all well aware of the importance of the Series Link, and lets face it, when that welcoming little icon rears its head, we're comforted slightly with the knowledge that Sky's "Never Miss A Thing" statement 'could' come true.

I emphasise ' could ' simply because we're all too aware, that failure to occasionally keeping an eye on your favourite programmes, could mean missing your programmes because Links have been known to mysteriously vanish.

Before you know it the wife's given your food to the dog and you find yourself having lots of making up to do, simply because GMTV with cuddly old Eamon has failed to link and record the following day. Now Eamon's vanishing links cannot be blamed entirely on him of course, but more of that later.

What if you're not a morning person, you'll forget to record GMTV!

It would be easy to criticise the whole Series Link set up, and considering these are occasionally broken, and therefore programmes are missed, the handing over of an extra £10 per month makes the failings seem even harder to swallow. However it cannot go unnoticed that more and more programmes are being linked these days. We all have are own favourites, and more often than not a good half of these are linked.

It is this part of the equation that I would like to concentrate on. Have you ever said to yourself, " Why isn't that linked, I know it's on next week " It is this exact thought that I would like to bring to your attention.

I have taken a week from the Sky EPG, and starting from 18:00hrs on Sunday 29th June, I have set out to find, and detail all those programmes that were not linked. Again I have concentrated my time on the first six channels of the EPG and I have covered a 24hr period. Next to each programme that was not linked, I have undertaken to inform you whether or not I think there should have been a link. If there should then I have explained when the next showing was broadcast.....whether or not it was the next day, week or fortnight. Again look out for the %'s as I have tried to give you a comparison between each channels current % of links compared to what they could of been had the broadcaster used the function to its full potential.

Upon completion of this article, Five which had never used Series Links before, and who were heavily criticised in my last article, have now seen the light and have introduced Series Links. And for you lucky folks, I have cancelled the BBQ, and done a complete analysis of Five for your considered judgement.

Speeding to Five are lots and lots of Series Links...

You will find each channels Missing Series Link article published on a daily basis, starting today with BBC1. Follow us throughout the week, as we expose the winners and losers in the great Series Link - missing in action special…

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