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"My Sky+" aims to show the human side of this technology called Sky+. Read on and consider yourself for a future issue of this "Sky+ Hall of Fame"...

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Welcome to our new My Sky+ Profiler....KJG
Ok, KJG, over to you...
Meet KJG  
Name:KJG (Kristopher Green)

Age:Well, it's a recent picture..


Location you live:Lincolnshire

A little bit of information about yourself - Interests, Hobbies, etc: Computing, surfing the net, horse racing, films

How long you’ve had Sky+ :5 months

Who in your household uses Sky+ :Everyone (me/mum/dad)

What do you like about Sky+ :The facility to set the Sky+ box to record a programme a week in advance. If you see an advert for a programme that you want to watch, you can easily pop it into the Sky+ planner. The facility to be able to pause live TV and go back to it and watch it from where you left it. Also, the biggest advantage is the facility to be able to use series links (even though they aren't exactly stable!) so that you can record every episode of a programme, and even if you don't watch the recording, you can be sure it has been recorded if you have to go out un-announced!

What do you dislike about Sky+ :The fact that it sometimes cuts off the last few minutes of programmes, even though you have the record 'buffers' on.

What in your Personal Planner right now: (programme names and channels please)

Fame Academy (BBC1 Yorks), Big Brother USA and Big Brother USA Eviction (E4), The Secrets Of Magic (BBC1 Yorks), Eastenders (BBC1 Yorks) and Coronation Street (ITV1 Yorkshire)

Fame Academy

Big Brother USA

Coronation Street     Coronation Street

How much diskspace do you have free right now?75%

How do you plan the programmes to be added to Sky+ I use series links most of the time, but other times, if I see a programme that I like the look of, I find it in the personal planner, and set it to record.

How would you describe Sky+ to a friend who asked what Sky+ was The best piece of equipment I have ever bought, and has changed my viewing habits forever!

Would you be interested in subscribing to a £300 lifetime Sky+ subscription: No because aren't Sky planning on dropping the £10 charge ;-)

Are there any features you would like to add to Sky+ Dual recording (how much longer do we have to wait!?) and maybe a facility to sort recordings out into subfolders..... soaps, quiz shows etc

As a % how happy are you with Sky+:98%

Would you like to comment in other way about Sky+ or the Sky+ service? : Sky+ is the best thing ever to come to the people in TV land, and has revolutionised the way the whole family watches TV. If you're considering buying it, don't... JUST DO IT!
Many Thanks to KJG for answering these questions,

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Gary Waite Darren Clift Gordy Simon Lewis
Paul Strickland Steve Erridge Jonathan Lighthill

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